SSGC disconnect illegal gas line

March 18, 2016 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: In continuation of its efforts in overcoming the UFG (Un-accounted for gas) and nabbing the gas thieves, SSGC’s concerned departments made another big crack down during the current week, in Hub City last evening. After receiving confirmed information about gas theft in Hub area, the officials of Surveillance and Monitoring department immediately constituted a joint team and conducted the raid. The FIA officers who arrived from Quetta also participated in the operation for providing legal cover to SSGC’s contingent.

The raiding party conducted raid at Al-Usmania Hotel situated in Allah Abad Town, Main RCD Highway, where the owners were illegally getting gas directly from SSGC’s main distribution pipeline at 6 pound per square inch (PSI) pressure, which was being used to operate one Tandoor, 18 burners having 52 nozzles and one 5 KVA generator. According to a quick estimate, made on the spot, a quantum of 1,525 cubic feet gas per hour was being stolen to use in the above mentioned appliances, which amounts to Rs. 5,039,820 per annum. It is also worthy to mention here that SSGC already has a claim of Rs. 4,263,700 on this hotel for non payments of dues in past.

The joint team consisting of officers and staff of Distribution and Maintenance department, members of FIR Cell of Customers Services department and FIA conducted another big raid at Gul Khuzdar Hotel (known as Daru Hotel), Hub during the same evening, where the owners were also stealing about 465 cubic feet gas per hour through an illegal connection taken from SSGC’s Pressure Reducing System (PRS)main distribution line having a pressure of 6 psi to operate one big Tandoor and 8 heavy burners having 26 nozzles. According to an estimate, the hotel owners were stealing gas worth of Rs. 1,536,732 annually.

In Hub City, SSGC Team also disconnected more than 200 domestic illegal connections on account of using un-metered gas, which was being obtained through an illegal network and was maintained by culprits of the area.

The FIA officials arrested Mohammad Alam owner of Gul Khuzdar Hotel after lodging FIR against him. The owner of Al-Usmania Hotel was also apprehended by the FIA authorities.