SSGC officials asked to control line losses

August 7, 2014 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: The biggest threat faced by SSGC is the menace of Unaccounted-for-Gas which does not just lead to huge penalties but also affects the financial bottom-line of the Company”.

This was stated by Shoaib Warsi, the Company’s newly appointed Managing Director while addressing the Company’s executives comprising of the senior management, general managers and deputy general managers, for the first time since assuming the office on July 17, 2014.

The address made on August 7, 2014 dilated on some of the prime issues faced by the Company including UFG and the management’s plan to counter them. Significantly, the MD emphasized on the need to take ownership of the Company for a win-win situation.

The MD noted with pride that the Company he joined more than three decades ago has grown from a network of merely a few kilometers to a corporate giant. He said that he was thankful to Almighty for giving him an opportunity to lead SSGC and added that this position comes with a number of sensitive responsibilities more so when the Company was going through one of its most turbulent times. On the issue of UFG, the MD emphasized, ‘We must unite and make a collective effort to fight against UFG no matter which department we are in. Everyone has to play his/her part and failure is not an option anymore.’

The MD then highlighted the need for improving efficiency and boosting each other’s morale. He said, ‘I believe that we must start from the top; the seniors must set examples when it comes to maintaining decorum and discipline of the office.’

Warsi asked all officers in charge to ensure discipline in their departments and pointed out that considering the situation of the company, each employee must give more time to the company and be more productive and work harder to fight the challenges. Speaking of discipline and commitment, the MD gave an example of South Korea when it was a struggling country. He said that when South Korea was mired in crisis, all employees voluntarily started giving extra hours to their respective jobs. ‘We can now see where they stand today by the extra efforts they had made.’

The MD urged all executives to be more proactive in taking ownership of the Company. He dilated: Simple acts of responsibility starting with doing our own job correctly, avoiding delays in meter installation or procurement issues, theft reporting, creating awareness amongst general public and leakage reporting etc. can make huge collective difference in terms of reduction in the indirect losses and damages. Mr. Warsi requested all colleagues to stand with him to resolve the challenges that the Company faces today.

The MD made it categorically clear that previous management was competent and it cannot be blamed for the grave situation company faces today. He said that the executives would be happy to note that he has taken the issue of timely promotions very seriously and said that the process of promotions for deserving candidates was already underway by the HR Department.

In conclusion, the MD said, “We must remember that we all are like a big family and unless we take the ownership of our company, it will be very difficult for us to overcome the challenges we are facing today. The company needs you more than ever before and it is the time for us to show our mettle”, he added. He concluded his address on this very quote, “True Strength is keeping everything together when everyone expects you to fall apart“.

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