Stone sliding due to Markhors causing human lives in Garam Chasma

September 21, 2014 Off By Web Desk

Peshawar: Residents of Boriyough village Garam Chasma district Chitral on Monday demanded of Wild Life and other concerned departments to fix barbed wire on the mountains in Garam Chasma to protect Markhors as well as human lives in the area.

Residents of the area complained stone sliding due to Markhors caused deaths as well as injuries to human lives but no department is taking interest to protect human  lives.

“Wife of Rehmat Bali resident of Boriyough village Garam Chasma was busy in routine work at her home when a heavy stone hit her on head causing deep head injury which caused her death,” residents of Garam Chasma told this news agency. The stone fall down due to roaming of Markhors in that area, they said.

Residents of the area said because of Markhors similar incidents have been taking place in the area as there is no protection from stones which usually slide down whenever Markhors walk around the area.” There should be barbed wire of other protection to stop stones sliding from mountains” residents said adding that the concerned departments are taking no steep to protect human lives.

They said the concerned officers of Wildlife have been informed about incidents time and again but they did not take any step to protect hum lives.

Before such incident another female of the area was injured and now she has become handicap unable to walk smoothly, local people informed adding that from last two years many people of the area either died or injured due to stones falling down from the mountains.

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