’Straight track of Malir 15 flyover to be open by Nov end’

October 7, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: It would take one and a half month to straight track of Malir 15 flyover to be open for public.

‘By the end of November straight path of Malir 15 flyover would be opened for general public and then work would be started on Azeem Pura ramp, otherwise the diversion of traffic flux would not be possible if we stirred the work on the ramp along the straight path,’ Director General Technical Services Niaz Ahmed Soomro told.

He said 70 percent of the work on straight track of the flyover was completed and the remaining would not take much time as the department had got complete funds for the flyover.

This should be noted that the deadline for the project was December 2014, then the date was extended till June 2015, however Karachi Metropolitan Corporation could not meet the deadline because of number of issues including the deteriorating law and order situation, encroachments, delay in the release of funds from the Sindh government and consequently contractors slowed down the pace of work.

A KMC high official working on Malir 15 flyover, on the condition of anonymity, said the contractors want advance payment as it becomes much hassle to recover their payment from the government departments after the work was done.

“Rs7.6 million have been paid to Pakistan Railways for land acquisition as Azeem Pura ramp crosses railway track to connect to the flyover. Now, a mosque in the way of the ramp needs to be relocated which is a sensitive issue and local people are being taken into confidence for this,” he said.