Study tour: SMIU’s delegation visits Sindh University

September 2, 2015 Off By Web Desk

JAMSHORO: Over 170-member delegation of students and faculty members of Sindh Madressatul Islam University (SMIU), under the supervision of SMIU Vice Chancellor Dr. Mohammad Ali Shaikh on Thursday visited the University of Sindh (SU) Jamshoro on a part of its study tour.

Registrar of the University of Sindh Ghulam Mohammad Bhutto and incharge Director Institute of Sindhology Saeed Mangi welcomed SMIU delegation led by Dr Shaikh upon arrival at the campus.

During their visit to the SU, students of SMIU interacted with faculty members, students and management of the university. They went around the various parts of the campus with Registrar and Incharge Director Sindhology. During the tour, the students visited central library where librarian Mohammad Azam Roonjho facilitated their tour to library. He briefed them about various parts of the library including digital one and availability of books.

Afterwards, SMIU students reached at the institute of arts & design where the incharge director Naimatullah Khilji received them. They attended a transitory presentation given by the incharge director of institute of Sindhology Saeed Mangi. He introduced basic norms and values of the institute by sharing its vision of spreading religious harmony, peace studies and environmental sustainability through the paintings and drawings prepared by the students. The Vice Chancellor Dr. Shaikh on the occasion queried the students about their sketches, paintings and designs.

The study tour thus, provided an opportunity to SMIU students to understand importance of working in a team rather than a group at institute of art & design. Thereafter, they moved for a visit of Sindhology museum, where they witnessed major attractions of the culture of Sindh.

The incharge director of Sindhology briefed the vice-chancellor Dr. Shaikh on the history and culture of Sindh through the sculptures and other cultural material preserved therein.

Dr. Shaikh on the occasion invited Sindh University administration along with its students and teachers to visit SMIU. “We will be happy to welcome SU students, if they want to display their hand-made cultural things in Karachi; the platform of SMIU is available for them to get the things exhibited/ sold,” he said.

He said although his university was new one but he was trying hard to take it to progress and development.

Among other students and faculty members, SMIU registrar Gulzar Ahmed Mughal, dean faculty of management sciences Dr. Aurangzeb, dean faculty of information technology Dr. Syed Asif Ali, media manager Saqib Abro and Mrs. Shaikh were among the delegation.