Suicide blast in Tirrah Valley

October 14, 2014 Off By Web Desk

Peshawar: A suicide blast kills five peace Lashker volunteers in Maidan Tirrah Valley here on Wednesday. In the suicide blast round about fifteen persons were reported injured, a local and administration sources said.

The suicide blast happened in Peer Mela at Maidan in Tirrah Valley in, which killed five volunteers and fifteen other injured in Zakha khel area of Tirrah , sources said .

The sources also said that the security forces after the suicide attack cordoned off the area and started search operation. Tirrah Maidan area is currently under the control of the security forces who are being backed by peace Lashkers at local level, sources added.

So far any militants groups have not claimed responsibility for carrying out the suicide blast in the Peer mela area at Tirrah maiadan. In some pockets of Tirrah such as Koki Khel and Sepah tribes areas are still with TTP and LI, local sources informed.

While on the other hand some seven sub tribes of Aka khel in Tirrah have reportedly started evacuating their areas amid the rumours of a military operation in their areas which have not been so far confirmed by security forces and political administration that any military operation is imminent in the Aka Khel area. Some five militant commanders of a banned outfit have also reportedly surrendered to the security forces.

Similarly it was also learnt that security forces have reportedly planned to block some roads in Bara sub division of Khyber Agency but this has been termed as routine security measure to ensure establishment of peace in the area.

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