Traders for aggressive campaign against traffic violators

November 1, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Chairman Businessmen Group & Former President of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) Siraj Kassam Teli and President KCCI, Younus Mohammad Bashir, while highly appreciating the campaign announced by Karachi city’s Traffic Police Chief, DIG Amir Ahmed Shaikh against all drivers violating traffic laws specially those driving without a license, said that although this much-needed campaign kicked off today but unfortunately it has been postponed as crowds started pouring into the three driving license branches in the city.

They said that Sindh government immediately announced to postpone this campaign after witnessing the crowds at driving license branches but it was not a wise move as this campaign has to be undertaken in the city at the earliest in order to effectively deal with the messy traffic flow situation.

Siraj Teli noted that massive number of people poured into the driving license branches on Monday which clearly indicates that majority of the commuters have been fearlessly driving on the streets of Karachi without licenses. “Traffic Police authorities, bureaucracy, administration and our politicians can surely blamed for the situation as all of them have never bothered to look into this serious issue which poses grave threat to everyone driving or walking on the streets of Karachi”, he added.

He further pointed out that currently only three driving license branches were operating in the city which were insufficient to deal with wide number of people. Thus, the authorities should consider raising the number of driving license branches or keep the existing branches operational for extended time period.

Siraj Teli was of the opinion that the campaign against traffic rules violators kicks off at the earliest and it must continue aggressively until every single commuter of Karachi city holds a valid driving license.

He also underscored the need to take strict and indiscriminate action against all violators while any official caught seeking bribe should also be strictly dealt and put behind the bars. “No leniency should be granted at any cost and action must be taken without considering commuter’s influence while the relevant law must be equivalent for everyone regardless of bearing in mind whether the violator is driving a rickshaw, a Mercedes Benz, a Bus, a Truck, a Motorbike, a Taxi or any other vehicle”, he added.

Commenting on the situation, President KCCI Younus Mohammad Bashir advised the authorities to streamline the operations of Driving License Branches in Karachi, besides ensuring sufficient workforce in order to deal with large number of driving license applicants which should only be issued when the applicant qualifies all the required tests and proves his ability to drive safely on the streets of Karachi.

President KCCI recalled that there was a time when a green book carrying all Highway and Motor Codes with Traffic Signs was regularly being published and distributed amongst driving license applicants but it seems that this book has vanished with the passage of time, resulting in keeping the masses ill-informed about the basic traffic rules and regulations. “This book should be reinstated in order to fully acquaint the commuters about traffic rules. If traffic police department is unable to get this important book printed due to lack of funds, the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, being a socially responsible organization, can get this book published for them in the larger interest of the city”, he added.

Commenting on the messy traffic flow situation of Karachi, Younus Bashir said that it can be improved to a great extent if bus drivers are compelled to stop their buses at designated bus stops only while violators of traffic signals are also taken to task, particularly the dozens bikers who are usually seen violating traffic signal rules in all the localities of Karachi without any fear.