Traffic congestion: Mosimyat Chowrangi needs urgent re-engineering

September 22, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Mosimyat Chowrangi area of the Mian University Road has become a nightmare for motorists, commuters and pedestrians due to massive encroachments, lack of planned u-turns, pedestrian bridges and Jersey barrier between the road to stop pedestrians from crossing it in a very risky manner.

The road at Mosimyat Chowrangi include two-way Mian University Road with broad road island, two wide service roads and a lot of space for trees and greenery, but sadly this space and parts of main and service roads have been occupied by street vendors, poultry sellers, tyre puncture shops, Chingchis and rickshaws, roadside eateries and other encroachers. This wide road is only serving the illegal encroachers and vendors at the cost of genuine road users and pedestrians.

Off and on anti-encroachment operations are carried out here, but the encroachments always reemerge the next day. Due to prolonged traffic jams the citizens face a lot of problems and they have complained repeatedly to remove the encroachments, repair broken water and gutter lines and damaged portions of the road.

Ex-MPA from this area and Jamaat-e-Islami district East Karachi amirMohammad Yunus Barai and other social activists have demanded of the KMC and DMC Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town to approve a proper urgent re-engineering plan for Mosimyat Chowrangi to make this area free from perpetual traffic jams. They demanded to widen the main road and service roads, provide it Jersey barriers and overhead pedestrian bridges and ensure provision of proper u-turns to regular traffic in hassle-free manner.