Traffic jams in Larkana irk citizens

September 21, 2014 Off By Web Desk

Larkana: The problem of frequent traffic jams during morning & evening hours has not yet been resolved by the Larkana police, which has created lot of problems for the citizens as well as those who arrive from other areas to perform their duties if the district headquarter.

Larkana Commissioner & Deputy Commissioner are daily visiting government offices to check the late comers and those who are said to be ghost employees but they have failed to resolve this issue which is lingering since last many years. On Monday morning traffic remained jammed as usual near Brohi railway crossing at Rice Canal roundabout due to arrival of buffaloes and there were only two traffic policemen who failed to control the traffic or the buffalo herds. The roundabout remained jammed for all kinds of traffic from all four roads and worst affected were those who had to reach to their offices to earn livelihood and escape the wrath of district administration along with their bosses.

A senior journalist was also passing through this road incidentally who immediately called the SSP Larkana office and informed the operator about the problem which has been continuing since early morning as the herdsmen take out their buffaloes without considering the fact that morning hours are peak and people have to reach to their work places and students to their schools.

Cattle pans flourish everywhere in Larkana city and nobody has so far taken any action against them to remove them or to shift them on the outskirts of this ever growing city.

The SSP office telephone operator came to the rescue of the stuck up people and more plainclothes policemen arrived on a police mobile which managed the smooth flow of traffic but it took them more than 45 minutes.

Three-wheel rickshaws are another problem as most of them are driven by children who are unaware of traffic rules.

This is regularly happening on a road built along Rice Canal for small vehicles for which a barrier was built but soon it was removed by the transporters forcibly to allow their heavy transport to use the same road which too has created lot of problems in smooth flow of traffic.

The same cemented barriers must be installed immediately from the start and at the end of the road near Lahori Muhalla roundabout so that these heavy vehicles could be halted and to ensure flow of traffic without hindrances.

Cattle pans must also be removed and shifted outside Larkana city without loss of further time as they already created lot of nuisance & menace in the city including cleanliness, the citizens have demanded of the district & divisional administration to beatify the city.

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