Traffic police ready to use digital data for driving license verification

September 13, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Karachi Traffic Police Department’s (Licensing and Training) Deputy Inspector General of Police Aftab Pathan said on Monday that his department is ready to share database system with Traffic Police (Enforcement Section) for online checking of the validity of driving licenses using an application in their mobile phones or other devices while routine check in the city.

DIG Aftab acknowledged that there are so many drivers who are running vehicles with no genuine driving licenses, using fake and expired licenses. Unfortunately, the traffic police lack such technology to check these drivers’ licenses on the spot, he added.

He said they have go an advanced database system and are ready to share it but it is the duty of Traffic Police Enforcement Section to make available this data in their mobile phones or devises only by downloading a simple application in their cell phones or laptops.

Aftab said Karachi is the only city in the Sindh Province in which the Traffic Police Licenses Department keeps a proper database system whereas in other cities of the province, the department does not have a system of digital record of driving licenses issued by them.

He said up to 100 candidates visit traffic police department everyday basis to get their full and learner licenses. He said no one is given the licenses unless he/she follows the proper procedure of getting it as per the traffic law. He said the process is not difficult to get a license as it requires only qualifying the theory test and then practical test. Passing these tests is a must for all candidates who desire to get their full driving licenses.