Training impact of assessment tools

Karachi: The QEC Department of Institute of Business & Technology (IBT), Karachi organised one-day seminar on “Impact of Various Assessment Tools on Teachers’ Training” for permanent, full time and visiting faculty members at IBT.

Dr. Zafar Iqbal, who has a vast experience of providing training, conducted the seminar. The seminar was designed to assist faculty members to design practical assessment tools that lead to better class management, courses preparation and embed quality.

Dr. Iqbal said in the current technological age it is quite necessary to design assessment tools that can easily be accessed, reviewed and formulated in a presentable manner.

Apart from this it provides faculty members with increased confidence and a better understanding of managing student behaviour, the chance to think about teaching style and explore new ways of teaching which will lead to increased motivation and outstanding performance.

The workshop provided attendees with innovative techniques and enhancement measures.

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