Tribesmen to run their daily routine business smoothly in summer

Peshawar: In the wake of Shortfall and prolong loadshedding of power, the tribesmen of Landi Kotal utilizing solar energy system to tackle severity of hot summer and to run their daily routine business smoothly.

Twenty to twenty two hours daily electricity off has persuaded the inhabitants of the area to adopt other sources of energy like solar system, generators etc. However solar energy is one of cheaper system that can suit the economic condition of the locals, tribesmen remarked.

36 years old Hussain Zada, resident of Dorma Kor, Loy-Shelman who was buying solar fan at one of the electric shop said, in form of solar energy system we have got a useful alternate of power. We are not totally depending on electricity as solar system has certified us to utilize it on our own wish to beat the scorching heat of summer.

Taj Mohammad, another inhabitant of Landi Kotal while buying solar panel said, being daily wager it is out of his buying range but daily 18-20 hours routine power off has compelled him to borrow money from his dear and nears ones to set up the system. His school going children can no longer bear mosquito’ bits and sleepless night, he regretted.

Providing the details, owner of Ijaz electric shop in Landi Kotal bazaar, Mohammad Ilyas Shinwari said, as per needs of consumer 5 watts to 250 watts solar panels are available in the market with its prices ranging between Rs.450-Rs.13500.Average 30-35 solar panels are being sold daily in the local markets of Landi Kotal and it will increase as the mercury will go high, solar panels dealers remarked.

The consuming result of the solar energy system is quite satisfactory and its demand will further rise in the near future keeping in view shortfall of electricity in the country, he opined. The product is being imported in Pakistan as well some of the traders bring it from the across the border, Afghanistan with different brands and manufacturing countries name but actually it has all made of China, he disclosed.

Counting qualities of the system electrician Mehboob Khan Shinwari said, the consumer has to spend once for its installation and then benefitted for long as the solar energy system has no technical complications.

During day time, the system is being provided power and simultaneously charges the batteries for night use. Similarly beside it is a cheap source of power, home appliances and other necessary electric items for daily life like, solar fans, mobile charger, Geezers, solar bulbs, iron etc. are also abundantly available in the market, he opined. If the government initiates plans to produce electricity on large scale it can overcome problem of shortage of power in the country, he suggested.

The local tribal were also on the opinion that Fata Secretariat under a special project has installed limited solar panels on few tube wells in Zakha Khel area of tehsil Landi Kotal, to get potable water. They demanded of the authority concerned to set up solar energy system on all tube wells to permanently solve scarcity of drinking water in the area.

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