Two accused handed over to Rangers

October 12, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: An Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) on Tuesday handed over two accused belonging to a political party to Rangers for 90-day preventive detention for questioning.

The personnel of Pakistan Rangers, Sindh, along with their counsel produced the two political party workers, Jawaid Katia and Mohammad Ameer alias Meero, before the court under strict security. According to the Rangers, the suspects were allegedly involved in target killing and other offences that come within ambit of anti terrorists act.

The court allowed the paramilitary force to detain the suspects for 90 days for interrogation, considering legal provisions section 11EEEE (1) of ATA.

The suspect Mohammad Ameer alias Meero was head of a target killer group being run from South Africa, while Jawaid was involved in many murder cases.