Upfront solar tariff got for Cholistan solar plan

Karachi: Buksh Energy has secured an upfront solar tariff for 10 Megawatt (MW) Solar Power Plant in Cholistan approved by National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra). The development was witnessed after a recent call for proposal announced by the Government of Pakistan for 50 Megawatt from the Independent Power Producers (IPPs).

Pakistan is facing severe power shortages up to 3,300-3500 MW and with a 10-12 hours of daily load shedding. The country has solar irradiation of 5.9kWh/sqm, which can prove to be a major contributor in the current energy portfolio.  The private sector in the country has now joined hands with the Government for provision of electricity to households, commercial and industrial sector.

Asim Buksh-Chairman Buksh Energy said: “Pakistan is facing one of the worst electricity shortages of all times as problems in provision of electricity are continuously affecting nation’s economic output. The 10 MW Solar IPP would serve as a demonstrative pioneering Solar IPP in Pakistan; therefore, resolving immense energy crisis of the country with a profitable, sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for all stakeholders involved.”

Cholistan is one of the most suitable locations for installation of solar energy projects as it receives solar light for almost 300 days in a year with an average of 5.9 kWh/m².Thus generation of electricity though Solar Energy would be most feasible and viable in such a location.

Fiza Farhan- Director Buskh Energy said: “Buksh Energy aims to contribute 0.14% to the total shortfall in the country through its solar energy projects. Looking at the current energy crisis, the renewable energy sources seem like the only viable solution of being sustainable and scalable. Average dependable electricity capacity in summers reaches up to 15,000 MW. Pakistan is losing up to 3% of its GDP because of frequent power shortages hence IPPs have to collaborate with the government in order to bring the energy crisis under control.”

According to WAPDA’s Country electricity demand forecasts, the demand for electricity will reach up to 40,000 MW by 2020. Pakistan has the potential to produce 2.324 Million Megawatt through Solar Energy and alternate energy sources hence the resources should be used in the most effective and efficient manner to overcome the national energy crisis.

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