USAID hands over 2 power transformers to NTDCL

September 14, 2015 Off By Web Desk

ISLAMABAD: US Agency for International Development Mission Director to Pakistan John Groarke inaugurated two new auto transformers for the 220 kV grid station Mardan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He also presented tools and trucks to power distribution companies in a ceremony held today at 500 kV Rawat Grid Station, near Rawalpindi.

The U.S. government is helping the National Transmission and Despatch Company Limited (NTDCL) to upgrade its network to accommodate Pakistan`s increasing demand for electricity.

“The U.S Government is proud to work with government of Pakistan to increase the generation, transmission and distribution of power and to improve its delivery to the people of Pakistan, said Mission Director Groark during his visit. The USAID Director received briefings on the new auto transformer from MD NTDCL Engineer Mohammad Arshad Chaudhry while having tour of 500 kV grid station Rawat. He was also briefed about live line maintenance tools and truck. USAID has provided training, equipment and vehicles to enhance the capacity of LESCO, QESCO, MEPCO and SEPCO.

The assistance to NTDCL is an example of US support for the government of Pakistan’s efforts to increase power generation and improve its delivery to consumers. US have funded programmes have supported the completion of Satpara and Gomal Zam Dams, helped the rehabilitation of Tarbela and Mangla Dam`s power plants alongwith Guddu, Jamshoro and Muzaffargarh thermal power plants

Managing Director NTDCL Engineer Mohammad Arshad Chaudhry also spoke during the ceremony and said USAID is working with the govt of Pakistan for economic and social progress. He thanked USAID for close coordination and consistent support of the agency in various NTDCL projects including procurement of critical and emergent nature of equipment, strategic business plan, and study on integration of renewable energy with national grid, financial of transmission lines for evacuation of power from wind power projects and training and handing over latest software etc.

He said that current inauguration of 2 transformers of 250 MVA transformers and repair of one 160 MVA damaged transformer will add 660 MVA to the capacity of NTDCL system which will be very helpful to improve the voltage profile and reduce load shedding in district Mardan and other relevant areas.