WAPDA plans to provide maximum relief to consumers

Islamabad: The Ministry of Water and Power (WAPDA) has planned to provide maximum relief to the consumers during Sehar, Iftar and Taraveeh, which is calculated to be 6 hours, in Ramzan.

During the remaining 18 hours, in urban areas load shedding up to five hours and in rural area up to seven hours is planned so that the people may not face difficulties while they are fasting.

Government has already approved maximum electricity generation during Ramazan and the same has been lined up by the Ministry by taking all necessary steps. The government has also approved necessary funds for enhanced generation during these days.

Better generation from hydel, thermal power plants both oil and gas, new plants addition like Uch II, Guddu will reduce load shedding during Ramadan. Oil supplies have also been enhanced and their stocks are being built at different points.

Fuel stocks at various power plants combined with continued daily fuel supply has been planned to ensure smooth operation of the power plants during Ramzan.

To tightly monitor the load management plan, the Ministry of Water and Power under Secretary, MS. Nargis Sethi and all Distribution Companies Chief along with their officers at their headquarter will remain open during Sehar and Iftar in Ramzan, beside their daily routine times.

They will remain on Video Link during these hours. Each DISCO and the Ministry has installed dedicated landline and mobile numbers at their respective controls centers so that in case any fault occurs it can be rectified on fast tract basis.

At Distribution level, down the line duties of the staff have been assigned, necessary equipment and their replacements have been arranged so that prompt action can be taken in case of technical faults.

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