Women advised to avoid applying chemically manufactured henna

September 10, 2014 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Applying chemically manufactured henna has increased risk of developing skin dermatitis among women and girls in marriage season due to sensitivity of skin.

Talking to PPI, renowned skin specialist, Institute of Skin Diseases Hospital Karachi, Dr Manzoor Memon, said: “Henna dermatitis is not a disease but a reaction of skin which occurs in women and girls by applying chemically manufactured henna in marriage season and Eid days in our society.

He said some locally manufactured henna cons cause serious henna dermatitis among women and girls. He said some henna products were manufactured with Hydrochloric-acid for dark color but some time skin could not accept the chemical which cause serious reaction within an hour. He said some time reaction might proved chronic.

He said skin reaction resultantly caused redness, inflammation, vesicles and allergy among women and girls after apply chemically made henna mostly used by female in marriage season and Eid days.

He said such cases were on the rise these days in different public healthcares due to marriage season started after Eid-ul-Fitr and would continue till December. He said reaction leaves spots on hands and feet for long times.

Dr Memon said similarly some women dye their hairs with chemically manufactured henna which might cause reaction on face and skin. He urged women to avoid chemically made henna to prevent from dermatitis and conduct test before applying henna on hands, feet and hairs.

He advised women to sprinkle cool water on reaction parts and immediately consult specialist doctors in case emergency to avoid further complication. He further advised women to always apply quality products on skin to prevent from reaction and allergies.

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