Women asked to play due role in local bodies’ elections

October 30, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Aysha Munawar, former Member of National Assembly (MNA) belonging to Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), said on Saturday that women should play their due role in local bodies’ elections for betterment of Karachi and elect better local government.

Addressing the seminar on “Aao Badlen Apna Karachi” held at local hotel. She said that local bodies’ system is directly related to people and play very important role for solving the problems and making political sense. That’s why politicians dislike it. On other hand, dictators find it to their favor and discourage political activates.

She said rangers have freed Karachi of fear, unrest and lawlessness and now it’s our duty to keep it up by power of vote. She appealed to citizens to vote JI in the coming local body election.

Durdana Siddiqui Secretary General JI, Noor Naz Agha Senior Member Sindh Bar Council, Prof Shahida, Prof Shaista Tabassum, former Chairperson Department of International Relation, University of Karachi, Nazhat William were also present.

Durdana Siddiqui said that after winning Karachi’s local bodies’ elections, JI will bring change that will leave positive impact on Pakistan and Muslim world.

She said that policies of Pakistan People’s Party’s first government led by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto destroyed Karachi. After his nationalization policy, industries were shifted to other countries and Karachi was at the mercy of bureaucrats that destroyed it by corruption, nepotism and bribery.

She claimed that JI formed three local government in Karachi and conducted a record uplift work. She appealed to citizens that discard the corrupt, criminal and bring forward JI by their votes power. She demanded that during poll rangers’ and military should be posted outside and inside of the polling stations.