Women’s Conference held

March 8, 2016 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Tehrik-e-Niswan in collaboration with European Union Delegation to Pakistan, Pakistan National Forum on Women’s Health (PNFWH) and Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER) organized a Women’s Conference “Hum Aurtein…..No More Violence” at Arts Council Karachi On Tuesday.

Hundreds of women of all ages from diverse backgrounds and some men also participated in the conference, including social activists, intellectuals, teachers, doctors, nurses, midwives, lawyers, students, parliamentarians, media personnel and civil society representatives.

Speakers at the conference included Sharmila Farooqi, Dr. Azher Jadoon, Tahira Abdullah, Marvi Sirmed, Dr. Shershah Syed, Dr. Tazeen Saeed Ali, Sarah Zaman while international speakers were Rashmi Talwar from India and Heela Faryal from Afghanistan.

This conference highlighted the various forms of violence against women- physical, psychological, social and sexual violence through theatrical performances. This was inspiring performances were followed by comprehensive discussions, and a Charter of Demands was presented to the parliamentarians and government authorities who participated in the conference.