World Bank delegation calls on commissioner Karachi

July 1, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui has said that the proposed plans developed by the World Bank (WB) under Karachi Transformation Strategy would help the city to solve the long awaited issues relating to the water supply, solid waste system, sewerage system, disaster management and to provide better civic facilities.

He was speaking in a meeting held with the WB delegation. The delegation briefed about the Karachi Transformation Strategy and the details of the proposed plans. The delegation comprised Jaafar Friaa, Peter Ellis, Joel Kolkerzl, Sehnaz Arshad Harish Khan and others. Officials of government departments concerned and civic organizations also attended the meeting.

The delegation said the studies carried out aim to develop the plans for the improvement of water supply, sewerage system, disaster management and solid waste system.

It was told the meeting that the study would be finalized by September this year on the basis of the study projects would be developed to present the government for approval. Commissioner Karachi said that the study being prepared by the WB is important with regards to the improvement of water supply and disaster management as well as solid waste system of the city.

He said there are other issues needed to be addressed in the strategy that included the establishment of parking system and facilities for the pedestrians to cross the roads safely. For which he said that Parking Lots and Parking Plaza should also be provided to the citizens at proper places.

Commissioner Karachi also stressed the need for preparation of projects that help remove the leakages in the water supply systems as well as using alternate energey at the pumping stations. He said leakage of water and absence of reliabe energy supply at the pumping stations are also reasons which are affecting the effeciency of water supply system. He said removal of leakages in water supply system will save the 150 mgd and will make abe water board to suppy more water to the citizens