World Contraception Day observed

September 21, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Bayer HealthCare Pakistan celebrated ‘World Contraception Day’ by organizing a series of health awareness programs in Pakistan to raise awareness about contraception amongst married couples in Pakistan.

The objective of these symposia is to improve awareness amongst general public & health care professionals about various kinds of contraceptive methods and facilitating open discussions. Country’s leading consultant Obstetricians & Gynaecologists are invited as key note speakers by Bayer HealthCare Pakistan to provide balanced information and tailored resources for this purpose. They emphasize on the much needed education on various methods of contraception; yet we are still seeing so many people rely on emergency contraception and drastic measures such as abortion.

A release said the contraceptive prevalence rate in Pakistan in 2012-13 was 35%. In Pakistan 890,000 induced abortions took place in 2002 and 200,000 women were hospitalized for abortion complications. Every minute, 8 children born in Pakistan. Of all live births, 1 out of 6 is unwanted.

Of the 208 million pregnancies that occur worldwide each year, 41% are unplanned. Of these, nearly half end in abortion. An estimated 33 million unintended pregnancies each year may occur as a result of contraceptive failure or ineffective use. In 2014 an estimated 225 million women who wanted to plan their family did not have access to an effective method of contraception.

This year, the message of World Contraception Day in Pakistan is “It’s Your Life, It’s Your Future, Know your Options!”