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BCS Global Celebrates Banner Year in 2012 as Video Collaboration Goes Mainstream

Leading provider of managed videoconferencing continues to grow as analysts predict industry will reach GBP 619 million by 2017

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM–(Marketwire – January 30, 2013) – UK-based BCS Global Networks Ltd is anticipating continued growth in 2013 after it …

Amazon Announces Sharp Drop in Profits — Finspreads

LONDON–(Marketwire – January 30, 2013) – Finspreads: Online retail giant Amazon has announced a sharp fall in profits in its latest quarterly figures.

Net income for the last three months of 2012 stood at $97 million (£61.5 million), a …

Imperial Tobacco Earnings Hit by Black Market Cigarette Sales — City Index UK

LONDON–(Marketwire – January 30, 2013) – City Index UK: Imperial Tobacco, the world’s fourth largest cigarette maker, announced today that first quarter revenues grew by 2% to the end of December 2012, but deteriorating performance in Europe and Russia …

بل گیٹس نے انتہائی غربت سے نمٹنے کے لیے اہداف اور پیمانوں کی قوت کی کلیدی حیثیت پر زور دیا

پانچواں سالانہ خط امریکہ میں تعلیم سے لے کر ایتھوپیا میں قبل از پیدائش صحت کے فروغ میں کامیابیوں کو نمایاں کرتا اور اگلے 15 سالوں میں غریبوں کی زندگیوں کو بہتر بنانے کے وژن کا نقشہ کھینچتا ہے

سیاٹل، …

Bill Gates Emphasizes Power of Goals and Measurement as Keys to Tackling Extreme Poverty

Fifth annual letter highlights successes from education in the United States to prenatal health care in Ethiopia, outlines vision for improving lives of the poor for the next 15 years

SEATTLE, Jan. 30, 2013 / PRNewswire — In his fifth

1 Millionth Blood Stem Cell Transplant Marks Major Medical Milestone

International Cooperation Among Physicians, Scientists Credited for Landmark Achievement

BERN, Switzerland, Jan. 30, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE ) — The collaborative work of medical scientists and physicians across the globe has resulted in a major medical milestone: the world’s 1 millionth …