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‫ايکس سي ايم جي ،کوم چي د چين د کمربند او سړک پروژې ته پرعزم دي، په نړي والي بازار کي لويه ګټه کړي

زوزو، چين، ۱۸ اکتوبر، ۲۰۱۸/پي ار نيو وائر/ ايکس سي ايم جي، کوم د چين د صنعتي مشنري د جوړولو ستره کمپني ده، په نړي والي بازار کي  او په خاص توګه د ګډون کوونکي هيوادونه په بازورونه کي د

‫نړی والا ای بزنس ایکسپو۲۰۱۸، کوم په قامی توګه منلی شوی ای ایکسپوده، د چین په هنګجو کی په د اکتوبر په میاشت کی ترسره کیږی

هنګجو، چين، ۱۷ اکتوبر، ۲۰۱۸/پي آر نيوز وائر/ په هنګجو چين کي ترسره کيدونکي نړي والا اي بزنس ايکسپو کي بيلابيل اي کامرس ديوال علي بابا، اميزون، والمارټ، نيټ ايز به هم ګډون کوي. دي سره سره په دي ايکسپور

Tez Financial Services Becomes the First Pakistani Startup to Raise $1.1 Million in Seed Round Led by Omidyar Network

Other investors include Accion Venture Lab and Planet

KARACHI, Pakistan, Oct. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Tez Financial Services, the first fully digital Non-Bank Microfinance Company (NBMFC) in Pakistan, today announced that it has raised USD$1.1 million in a seed …

Move Towards Ukrainian Autocephaly

The United States reiterates its strong support for religious freedom and the freedom of members of religious groups, including Ukraine’s Orthodox community, to govern their religion according to their beliefs, free of outside interference.

We support Ukrainians’ ability to worship …

Saudi national karate champion wins gold medal in Buenos Aires Youth Olympics

A Saudi Karate Champion Called Mohammed Asiri, has won a gold medal in the Buenos Aires Summer Youth Olympic Games, which concluded on Wednesday.

It was for the first time that Saudi Arabia had won a gold medal in an …

Turkish restaurant targeted in xenophobic attack

A Turkish restaurant was set on fire in an arson attack early Thursday morning in the eastern German City of Chemnitz.

A police spokesman told Anadolu Agency that they suspected a xenophobic motive behind the attack, which caused extensive damage …