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‫”اناج پر مشتمل فصل سے چارے کی جانب منتقلی” کا تجربہ شمال مغربی چین کے لِنسیا ہوئی خود مختار علاقے میں معیشت کو مضبوط کرتا ہوا

لِنسیا، چین، 14 دسمبر 2018ء/سِنہوا-ایشیانیٹ — جنوب مغربی چین کے صوبہ گانسو کا لِنسیا ہوئی خود مختار علاقہ روایتی خشک کھیتی باڑی کا علاقہ ہے۔ 80 فیصد آبادی کے دیہی علاقوں میں مقیم ہونے اور دو تہائی کھیتی باڑی بنجر

Makkah Conference calls for Islamic charter to tackle disagreements

Makkah, Prominent Islamic scholars and muftis from around the world underscored the importance of Saudi Arabia’s position as the competent spiritual authority for the entire Islamic world.

Around 1,200 prominent figures, including scholars, religious leaders, thinkers and intellectuals representing 28 …

CPEC to bring new era of progress: AJK PM

AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan says with the completion of China Pakistan Economic Corridor an era of progress and prosperity will begin in the state.

Addressing an inaugural ceremony of LPG gas plant in Bhimber on Saturday, he …

Two killed in Dadu road accident

Two persons were killed and twelve others injured in a road accident at Indus Highway near Kakar in Dadu district on Saturday.

The injured people were shifted to civil hospital Dadu and Sehwan Sharif.

Source: Radio Pakistan

India seeks Hajj quota raise

Jeddah, India expects an increase of 20,000 in the quota of pilgrims for the Hajj of 2019, according to the country’s Minister of Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi.

We have requested the Saudi authorities to increase our quota from 170,000 …