251 more patients confirmed hepatitis positive

November 7, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Ratodero, Sindh: The Hepatitis viral disease which has been described more dangerous than HIV/AIDS seems to be decreasing as per the available data issued by the Molecular Laboratory of the Chandka Medical College Hospital, Larkana.

According to figures sent to concerned higher government authorities of the province for the month of October 2013, including Eid-ul-Azha holidays, out of 624 samples received for various categories PCR tests, 251 were detected positive either suffering from HBV (DNA), HCV (RNA), HDV (RNA) or HCV (RNA) Genotyping.

The treatment drugs which remained out of stock for over three months have also been received in CMCH treatment center and new patients are being entertained who too were denied this free facility due to non-availability of the medicines.

Sindh Government is spending millions of rupees on the free treatment of this killer disease but it is charging Rs850 for each PCR test which many poor and destitute people cannot afford. Many patients get this facility free for which hospital administration is paying the fee from Zakat funds allocated to it by Zakat Council


According to the statistics, out of these 174 HBV (DNA Quantitative) 50 cases turned out to be positive and out of 374 tested for HCV (RNA) qualitative 165 were detected positive, out of 66 HDV (RNA) quantitative 26 were positive and all10 samples received for HCV (RNA) Genotyping test were positive. These figures show that HCV and HDV is constantly rising and HBV is declining. These cases belong to Larkana district, Jacobabad, Jacobabad Jail, Dadu, Khairpur Nathan Shah, Kandhkot and Mehar. In Larkana district alone 250 blood samples were received out of which 98 were detected positive who are suffering from Hepatitis B, C or D and both samples of HCV (RNA) Genotyping were confirmed positive.

Total number of registered patients so far in this month is 53 of HCV, 9 of HBV and 9 of HDV, total number of patients registered for treatment under Chief Minister’s Programme since the start of this Sentinel site is 3251 of HCV, 701 of HBV and 331 of HDV, under treatment total number of patients is 250 of HCV, 98 of HBV and 104 of HDV.

Total number of patients who have completed treatment since the start of this Sentinel site is 2551 of HCV, 431 of HBV and 193 of HDV and so far total number of defaulting patients is 310 of HCV, 78 of HBV and 25 of HDV and their total comes to 413 about which nobody knows whether they are alive and why they defaulted.

The Focal Person has demanded of the Provincial Hepatitis Programme Manager, Hyderabad; that 100,000 Cap: Ribavirin, 14400 Tab: Tenvir, 10,000 disposable syringes and 2500 Inj: Amax-B may be provided for the treatment of on-going & already registered patients. Efficacy of the recently procured drugs in bulk for treatment of this killer disease is still a question mark and yet to be determined whether these medicines were procured from reputable multinational companies as per the requirement of the senior consultants.