90percent public transport in Karachi road-unfit

December 26, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: More than ninety percent of public transport in Karachi is not fit for running on road but still their owners manage to get fitness certificates for their junk-class vehicles.

The city government has constructed modern roads in Karachi; however, old, shabby smoke emitting vehicles, dangerously overloaded run on these streets giving this mega urban city a sorry look. No public transporter can run buses or minibuses without proper fitness certificate from the traffic police department, but due to prevailing culture of corruption and bribery very old and obsolete minibuses are given fitness certificates.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan directed the regional transport authorities to issue fitness certificates to the transporters on merit but in Karachi the concerned officials are not implementing the court orders. The apex court has also instructed to remove roof-racks from the minibuses in Karachi but the nexus of transporter mafia and corrupt officials has managed to throw this directive behind the back. Minibuses with passengers sitting on their roof-racks could be seen in Karachi on any route.

Commuters demand to ban the road-unfit vehicles for good. In this regard a drive to review their fitness certificates by a team of honest officials, engineers and environmentalists is necessary to cancel the fitness certificate given to road-unfit public transport vehicles.