Algeria becomes global school in counter-terrorism: Religious Affairs Minister

October 2, 2018 Off By Web Desk

Algerian Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowments Mohamed Aissa said on Monday that Algeria has become an “international school in the fight against terrorism and extremism,” and that it is now working for protection and preservation of the youth against this scourge.

Speaking at the Forum of the National Radio, Aissa said Algeria has become an exporter of action programs on combating extremism and formation of imams in this field, pointing out that his country is currently cooperating with a number of countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

The Algerian minister stressed that the religious affairs sector, in cooperation with the media sector, was able to prevent the dissemination of discourse calling for militancy or extremism, as well as working so that the disagreement between the Algerians does not turn into a religious one. He recalled that since 2015, Algeria has dismissed several imams who were using mosques to spread the discourse of hatred and discrimination.

Aissa said Algeria has gone beyond the stage of combating terrorism and extremism and is now in the process of drying up their sources and preventing them while working to fight sectarianism. He emphasized that terrorism has nothing to do with the Islamic religion, but rather associated with several socio-economic, psychological or ideological reasons.

Meanwhile, the minister revealed that discussion will be opened in national workshops to debate the Algerian national religious reference, in order “to prove that Algeria has the right to refer to the ancestral religion”, characterized by middle-path and moderation.

Source: International Islamic News Agency