All relevant entities meet to tackle monsoon rains

May 21, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: On the occasion of monsoon season, all organizations which provide basic facilities in the city should cooperate with each other and make combined strategy for overcoming emergency situations in the city.

Metropolitan Commissioner Matanat Ali Khan said this while addressing a meeting of high officials of DMCs, Police, KWSB, KESC and SSGC. The meeting was attended by Director General Technical Services Niaz Ahmed Soomro, Sr Director Municipal Services Dr Shaukat Zaman, Director Machinery Pool Noman Arshad, Director Education Afaq Mirza, DMD of KWSB Iftikhar Ahmed Khan, XCN Dr Mukhtar A Palijo, Zaheer H Rizvi from KESC, Syed Masroor Naqvi from SSGC and other high officials.

He said a large quantity of rainwater accumulates on big roads in case of heavy rains in the city for which provision of continuous electricity should be ensured in different pumping stations. Metropolitan Commissioner said that cleanliness campaign of big nullahs should be fast in the city and all necessary machinery should be put in fine condition during monsoon season.

He directed officers of DMCs to concentrate on works of drainage of water in underpasses, cleanliness of nullahs and repairing of nullah walls. He said that all city organizations which provide basic facilities in the city should be in contact with each other under Command & Control System which was providing 24 hour service for people where representatives of KESC and KWSB were also present. Important numbers on the occasion of monsoon season should be published in news papers.

KWSB officers informed that provision of electricity in pumping stations breaks down in case of more rains in the city due to which water drainage works were difficult for which provision of electricity should be ensured.

Matanat said that arrangements of standby generators for provision of nonstop electricity should be made. He said that in case of more rains KMC would provide people living near nullahs and drains with temporary residence in its schools. SSGC would put its emergency squad in proper condition for emergency situations. Matanat said that KMC and all DMCs should prepare report with reference to machinery, labour and other facilities.

He said on the occasion of monsoon season Municipal Services Department should put all its pumps for water drainage in fine condition. He directed Municipal Services Department that staff of Fire Brigade, Rescue Emergency Squad and Emergency Response Centre during monsoon season should be present on duty.