Anwer Abro’s new book published

December 6, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Literary figure Anwer Abro’s new book titled “Adha Sadee-a Jo Oajao” (Restlessness of a Half Century) in Sindhi has been published. It comprises selected articles written on literature, social, environmental, academic, behavioral and international issues for various Sindhi newspapers and periodicals.

Indus River and catastrophes witnessed by Sindh and its people in uncontrolled floods in 2010 and heavy rains in 2011 has been discussed in the book and the damage caused by these disasters documented. Besides changing Sindhi society has been discussed in the book too.

Kuwait- Iraq war, Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Arab Spring, murder of Colonel Gaddafi, death of Hugo Chavez, hanging of Afzal Guru and some other international and national issues are also part of the book.

The book is published by Kachho Publication, Karachi. Sindh’s prominent research scholar, poet and journalist late Anwer Pirzado’s article written on the author in 2002 has also been given in the book.