APC Political parties agree to hold talks to fight terrorism

September 9, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Islamabad: All Parties Conference APC concluded in Islamabad has concluded after adopting a unanimous resolution calling upon the Federal Government to initiate the dialogue with all stakeholders forthwith to eliminate extremism and for peace in the country.

The Conference was chaired by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and participated by the political and military leadership.

The Resolution authorized the Government to take all necessary steps as it may deem fit‚ including development of an appropriate mechanism and identification of interlocutors.

It reposed full confidence in efforts of the Prime Minister for peace in the country.

The Resolution said‚ the process should be as inclusive as possible‚ with full participation of the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and other stakeholders. Guiding principles should include respect for local customs and traditions‚ values and religious beliefs and the creation of an environment which brings peace and tranquillity to the region.

It stated that sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan are paramount and must be safeguarded at all costs. The participants reaffirmed complete trust and confidence in valiant Armed Forces and assure them of their full solidarity and support in overcoming any challenge to national security or threat to national interests.

The resolution said that thousands of precious lives of innocent men‚ women and children and defence and security personnel have been lost in the war‚ the illegal and immoral drone attacks and the blowback from actions of NATO and ISAF forces in Afghanistan.

There has also been colossal damages to social and physical infrastructure and huge consequential financial losses and adverse effects on our economy.

The participants prayed for the “Shuhada” and extend heartfelt sympathies to the bereaved families for the loss of their loved ones.

They called upon the Federal and Provincial Governments to provide all possible assistance for the rehabilitation and social reintegration of these families and other victims of terrorism‚ including internally displaced persons.

The resolution noted with concern the continued use of drone attacks by United States of America in spite of clear and unambiguous protests by the democratically elected Government of Pakistan.

It said the use of drones is not only a continued violation of our territorial integrity but also detrimental to our resolve and efforts of eliminating extremism and terrorism from our country.

The Resolution urged that the Federal Government should consider the possibility of taking the drone issue to the United Nation as drone attacks are a violation of International Law.

It declared that Pakistan itself shall determine the means and mode of fighting this war in national interest and shall not be guided by the United States of America or any other country in this regard.

The participants noted with grave concern the continued threat to life‚ property and business in the city of Karachi and appreciated the recent initiative of the Federal Government to take all stakeholders into confidence and its complete support to the Provincial Government for restoration of peace and order.

They urged the Provincial and Federal Governments to make sustained and concerted efforts with complete impartiality and dedication for bringing Karachi back to its assigned glory.

The participants said they are cognizant of the troubled situation in the Province of Balochistan and are fully aware of the concerns of our Baloch brothers and sisters.

This meeting authorized the Provincial Government of Balochistan and its Chief Minister to initiate the process of dialogue with all estranged Baloch elements inside and outside of the country with a view to bring them back to national mainstream.

The Resolution appreciated the ongoing peace process in Afghanistan and said that Islamabad believes that a peaceful and stable Afghanistan is imperative to the needs of a stable and progressive Pakistan.

They urged the Federal Government to make all efforts for bringing peace to Afghanistan by continuous and sustained engagement with the government and people of Afghanistan.