Appeal of grieved family to Govt

September 17, 2013 Off By Web Desk

SIALKOT: The grieved family of village Oora-Sialkot based Pakistani prisoner Sana Ullah, who was brutally tortured to death in an Indian jail, four and half months ago, still lying deprived of any financial compensation, as promised by the Government of Pakistan.

Talking to the newsmen at village Oora-Sialkot here, Sana Ullah’s sons Salman and Khurram , said that the Pakistan government had announced Rs. 1 million financial assistance and compensation for the grieved family of Sana Ullah and a government job for the son of Sana Ullah after his death in May , 2013.

They said “about four and half months have passed, but the government of Pakistan probably had forgotten to honour its commitment to compensate the family financially”. They added that they had been living a very hard life, as they were even unable to meet the both ends. Salman added that he was unable to continue his education, besides, getting medical treatment due to poverty, as he was suffering from some ailment.

They urged the Pakistan government to ensure the early payment of the financial compensation to the grieved family. Meanwhile, the district administration of Sialkot has handed over the things to the said family, as the things including caps, cloths, woollies and a transistor radio, remained under of use Sana Ullah in Chandigarh jail in India.

Sana Ullah Haq had left behind his two mourning sons Muhammad Khurram 18 years old and Muhammad Salman 16 years old. Sana Ullah Haq’s wife Sajida Bibi had died about twelve years ago during his prison in the Indian jail. The family has three-roomed small sized house in village Oora-Sialkot.

Sana Ullah was laid to rest in his native graveyard at village Oora-Sialkot with state honours on May 10,2013. The thousands of the people including Station Commander Sialkot Cantt Brig Muhammad Saleem and Sialkot DCO Shakeel Ahmed attended his funeral. Complete official honour and protocol was given to deceased Sana Ullah Haq’s dead body.

His coffin wrapped in national flag of Pakistan was brought to Sialkot in a special plan from Chandigarh-India for burial at his native graveyard as per his last will already made by him to his family. In Sialkot, the grieved family of slain Sana Ullah Haq has termed the jail attack in Indian administered Kashmir an “obvious retaliation” for the killing of the Indian prisoner. The grieved sons Muhammad Salman and Muhammad Khurram and other relatives have urged the Pakistan government to declare slain Sana Ullah as a National Hero of Pakistan.