AWP criticizes govt. for neglecting Katchi Abadies of Federal Capital

August 7, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Islamabad: The AllPakistan Alliance of Katchi Abadis and Awami Workers Party AWP have slammed the government for its complete lack of preparedness for the monsoon rains in the twin cities and in particular for the utter neglect of katchi abadis and other poor settlements that are ravaged by flash flooding during the monsoon season every year.

Not only has the new government demonstrated disregard for working people in the twin cities but it has directly attacked them in the form of a socalled ‘antiencroachment’ drive that began some weeks ago and has continued through the fasting month.

Alliance representative Ahsan Kamal and AWP Rawalpindi general secretary Shehak Sattar have said that the PMLN’s previous stint in power also featured ruthless evictions of katchi abadis and rehriwalas and it is clear that the party’s attitude towards the urban poor has not changed at all in the decade and a half since.

The Alliance and AWP leaders have said that more rains are forecast in the coming days which is why it is essential to take preventive measures to ensure that there is no loss of life and minimum damage to poor people’s property.

They have pointed out that dozens of homes have already been washed away in the worsthit abadis such as I11 and H10 and since all the existing structures are made of mud there is great danger of more devastation in the event of further rain.