Bahrain provides support to women political candidates

September 3, 2018 Off By Web Desk

The General Secretariat of Bahrain’s Supreme Council of Women (SCW) announced the official launch of “Pre-election Consultations Program for Women” in cooperation with the Bahrain Institute for Political Development (BIPD).

The SCW called on women who would like to stand for the 2018 parliamentary and municipal elections to attend a meeting on Thursday, September 6, at the Supreme Council’s main premises.

Details on how to benefit from the program are available at the SCW general secretariat and the BIPD where the experts will provide the would-be candidates with relevant advice pertaining to legal, political, media aspects as well as the election process, in order to support would-be candidate women which will boost their competitiveness to delve into political action and effectively participating in public life.

Also, the woman candidates will get to know the specific technical support which they can obtain from the program experts during the one-on-one or group consultations also useful for their election campaign crews and to identify any likely problems and find the proper solutions to them.

Source: International Islamic News Agency