Banning me shows Interim Committee’s incompetence: PFF Secretary

June 13, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: A stout supporter of Pakistan Olympic Association POA chief Arif Hasan, Pakistan Football Federation PFF secretary Ahmed Yar Khan Lodhi has been banned along with other sports officials for attending POA meeting on June 8 called by Arif Hasan, ironically which Ahmed actually did not attended.

“I was in a meeting with Commissioner Karachi to discuss feasibility of organizing AFC U16 event in the city. I would have attended the meeting if I had not been busy in Karachi. However, the so-called POA Interim Committee banned me for attending the meeting, which I actually did not attend, shows the incompetency of its officials,” Ahmed told PPI.

POA Interim Committee in a statement banned several top officials of different federations for attending POA meeting called by Arif Hasan including Ahmed Yar Khan Lodhi.

He said that PFF supports Arif Hasan as he is the person recognized by International Olympic Council IOC as POA elected chief. “Moreover, he took over as POA President after being elected.”

“The people in the Interim Committee are those who lost to Arif Hasan in the elections and now they are trying to sabotage Arif Hasan and forcefully took over the POA, which they will not be able to do so,” he said.

Ahmed further said that the new Premier Nawaz Sharif would soon be taking action against the Interim Committee and the Pakistan Sports Board PSB’s for intruding in POA’s affairs.

“The main issue, which PSB raised, was Arif Hasan becoming POA President for the third time. Now Nawaz Sharif took oath for the third time as Prime Minister of Pakistan. So there is no reason left for PSB to force Arif out of the office for taking over as POA’s chief for the third time when the country’s head has took the office for the third time,” he said.