Bilal takes over lead, Giants & Puri following in Aslam Memorial Bridge Tournament

September 1, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: 18th Aslam Memorial Bridge Tournament took off last evening at Aslam Bridge with 12 teams competing, having almost all the best available players of Karachi. First three rounds were concluded last evening and at the half way mark, Bilal has taken over the leadership from Puri, Giants, GFQ, Foxy and Attackers are following closely.

When Shakeel Chandna, nephew of Aslam Shaikh declared the tournament open, Puri, Bilal and Giants, Data Steel started with almost maximum of their matches. Other winning teams were Attackers and Foxy.

In the second round, Giants went fighting down to Bilal10-20, and Puri raised their score to maximum defeating fancied Data Steel 25-2.

Foxy had a tough time with Attackers, but won 1614. GFQ amended their earlier form and drawn against Deucses 15-15 to win the third round match from Muhstaq 25-5.

In the third round Puri met its waterloo when their old pals and team mates competing from Bilal outpaced Puri and registered a convincing victory 25-1, dominating in all sectors of the game. Giants improved in this round to win against Foxy 17-13.

Following are the teams position at the half way round:

Bilal 70, Giants 52, Puri 51, GFQ 50, Foxy 49, Attackers 44, Data Steel 43, Karachi Aces 42, Javid 40, Deuces 38, Rubina 29 and Mushtaq 21 V.P.