Body of notorious bandit reached home

May 6, 2013 Off By Web Desk

NAUNDERO: The body of notorious bandit Ghulam Rasul alias Gulabi Shaikh arrived in his native village Panjudero from Sibi, Balochistan.

He was killed during an encounter with law enforcement agencies on Sunday morning. He was carrying head money of Rs1.5 million. He left behind a widow, two daughters and a son. He was operating with the gang of another bandits Nazroo Narejo, Sadho Narejo, Rasheed Rind and Gul Bahar Mugheri.

Mugheri was also killed in the same encounter. He was wanted by police of various districts for heinous crimes including murder, kidnapping for ransom and robberies. He started criminals activities in 1992 with cattle theft and was resident of village Shikari Shaikh of riverine area.

Meanwhile, five buffaloes were snatched by armed men from Shaban Kharos from village Bhoot Kharos of Ketty Mumtaz police station on Monday after making him captive for some time.

On hearing the news, villagers started following footprints of the armed criminals but have so far failed to trace them or to recover the looted cattle.

Muhammad Ali Baloch told reporters that footprints led to the Otaq of one villager Peer Bux Narejo in village Izzat Ji Wandh and they are sitting there to get the recovery. He further said that police of Ketty Mumtaz police station had refused to help them recover the robbed buffaloes as they have not yet arrived since dawn. He urged the higher authorities to take notice of the highhandedness of the police and help them in recovering the costly cattle.