Cabinet committee on security reaffirms’s govt strategy of negotiations with TTP

December 17, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Islamabad: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif chaired the meeting of the Cabinet Committee on National Security at PM house on Tuesday The discussions were focused on three key issues: Formulation of National Security Strategy to safeguard Pakistan’s National interests; strategy on Internal Security; and relations with Afghanistan.

The Committee agreed that the economic development and prosperity of the people of Pakistan is depended upon ensuring security and stability of the country. The committee members were completely unanimous on national security issues.

The Committee agreed on a number measures concerning enhancement of security on western border, development of FATA and other bordering areas to bring them at par with national standards.

The committee directed the concerned ministries to take measures to facilitate regional peace and stability.

The Committee deliberated upon the government’s strategy to engage various groups of Pakistani Taliban to address issues of extremism and militancy.

The Committee reaffirmed Government’s commitment to the strategy of negotiations with TTP and consider the use of other options only as a last resort.

The Prime Minister briefed the members of the Committee on his last visit to Kabul. He said a number of steps were agreed for political security and economic and commercial cooperation with the Afghanistan.