Cabinet Govt committed to eradicate terrorism,PM

March 7, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Islamabad: Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf Thursday said that the Government is committed to eradicate terrorism and militancy in all its forms and manifestation. He stated this in his opening remarks while chairing the cabinet meeting which held here with him in the chair.The PM also sympathize with all the bereaved families of Abbas Town blast at Karachi, which claimed 48 precious lives, injuring more than 100 and offered heartfelt condolences to the families who lost their dear ones in this incident.

The Federal cabinet in its meeting also offered Fateha for the martyrs of Abbas Town and prayed for early recovery of those who were injured in this tragic incident. PM said that the Provincial Government has been directed to ensure best medical treatment to the injured of the blast adding his Government is committed to eradicate terrorism and militancy in all its forms and manifestation.

He informed the cabinet that the Directions have been issued for carrying out a stern action against all the banned outfits without any discrimination not only by me but by the President as well.

Those who are perpetrating these heinous acts are not only attempting to weaken our social fabric and democratic culture, they are also bringing a bad name to Pakistan and Islam, the very essence of which is to promote peace and well being. However, the Government is determined not to let their designs come true.

Prime Minister said no efforts would be spared to bring the perpetrators to justice and exemplary punishment will be given to those found involved in these cowardly attacks adding blame game will not serve the common goal of defeating terrorism.

The situation calls for collective will and efforts on the part of all political stakeholders and the civil society to eradicate it.Our Government has endeavoured to utilize all available resources to serve the masses. Because it was elected by the people of Pakistan with a view to serving them.

He said that the coalition government is trying its level best to come-up to the expectations of the masses. After successful completion of five years term, we are again presenting ourselves to the people of Pakistan very soon.

”I am confident that the masses would acknowledge the service rendered by this Government despite financial constraints and adverse regional situation”.

”You are aware that the National Assembly is going to complete its term on 16th March, 2013. Our Government has always been committed to holding elections on time and create history by ensuring the transfer of power by a political government as required under the Constitution. We can take pride that we are delivering on this commitment. I am sure that this would go a long way in strengthening democracy in this country”.

He was of the view that their Government never betrayed the people because our roots are in the masses. The Government has been in office since 2008 and has introduced many wide ranging structural reforms in political, economic, constitutional and social disciplines.

During its tenure, the Government undertook record development schemes worth billions of rupees throughout the country which was unprecedented in the last 65 years. Not only the Constitution of 1973 was restored in its original form, rather we went a step further by devolving powers to the provinces.

The PM said that the institutions were strengthened and their independence and impartially ensured with the help and consensus of all democratic forces. Credit of free judiciary, independent Election Commission and a vibrant media goes to the Government, due to which rigging of elections cannot be imagined.

”By the Grace of Allah and the sincere efforts of the Government a strong national support was gathered against terrorism and extremism. Morale of the Pakistani Armed Forces was raised due to which the Pakistani Flag is flying in Swat. The writ of the Government was established in the areas where the terrorists were operating”.

The country was made self sufficient in food through prudent input – output cost vis-à-vis price mechanism in agricultural sector and now wheat is being exported as a result of consecutive bumper crops.

Raja Pervez Ashraf appealed to the democratic and political forces to shun their differences and assist the Government to help eradicate poverty, ignorance, illiteracy, militancy and terrorism so that we may put our beloved country on the path of progress and prosperity, getting benefits of the structural reforms.

”We are very much optimistic about winning next elections on the basis of the selfless services rendered to the masses despite difficulties. The blood of the martyrs of the Pakistan People’s Party and its coalition partners will bring us back in power to serve the country and its people”, he opined.

He said any political initiative that aims to achieve peace and stability in the country is welcome. The government believes that challenge of terrorism and threats to peace and security of the country can only be tackled through national consensus and collective response.

”The people of Pakistan, law enforcement agencies and valiant armed forces have rendered heroic sacrifices in fighting these challenges posed to the nation. We can benefit from the efforts made by the APCs. However, such an exercise can only be meaningful, productive and sustainable if the supremacy of the Parliament, Constitution, law of the land and writ of the state is upheld”, he added in his remarks.