Call for provision of 50% more OZT fund to Hyderabad

May 20, 2013 Off By Web Desk

HYDERABAD: A delegation from Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry lead by Zulfiqar Ali Chohan, Chairman Sub Committee for Local Bodies, HDA and Sindh Building Control Authority had a meeting with Barkat Rizvi, Administrator Municipal Corporation Hyderabad yesterday afternoon.

Barkat Rizvi during the meeting told the delegation that inspite of limited resources; the municipal corporation is providing better municipal services to the citizens of Hyderabad. The delegation of HCCI comprised Ziauddin Qureshi Former Vice President HCCI, M/s Saeed Ahmed Chohan and Muhammad Haroon. Barkat Rizvi maintained that with the increase in population and deficiency in funds are the main causes of problems which are on increase with the passage of time.

He further said that due to delay in payment of salaries and pensions, the Municipal Corporation is facing problem of strikes and agitations from employees of corporation which have also created health and sanitation problems. He further said that the corporation is in receipt of 79.6 million rupees per month, whereas Rs 0.7 million are received from Municipal Administration City, 2.5 million from Latifabad and Rs2.0 million from Qasimabad per month.

He said that 3 Taluka Municipal Administration comprised 44 Union Councils which possess 137 vehicles and 4468 sweepers and other supportive staff for providing services. He said that monthly salaries of the staff come to about 60.0 million and 13.0 million towards pensions of the staff is to be paid every month.

Total expenditure towards maintenance of vehicles is about 3.0 million and fuel charges come to about 8.5 million rupees per month thus total expenditure comes to about Rs.831.0 million. Before this Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Chohan, Chairman of HCCI Sub Committee expressed that main roads are already broken and need repairs, their condition will further be worst after the ongoing monsoon season. Frequent strike calls by sanitary workers further create problems for the general public as well as for the business community. He said under present circumstances there is urgent need to improve municipal services. He further said there were also need to point out our weaknesses in right direction.

He continued and said that health and sanitation go side by side and a team work is required to achieve these objectives. Zulfiqar Ali Chohan stressed that the citizens be provided clean drinking water and sewerage system must be properly maintained and sanitation work should also be carried out on priority basis. He said that due to over flow of sewerage water on main roads of the city affects business adversely. Moreover, it also interferes with the smooth flow of traffic and needs to be tackled on priority basis.

Chohan also pointed out that garbage dumps could be seen on roads and there was every likely hood that due to absence of cleanliness epidemic diseases could flourish in this hot weather. The members of the delegation expressed their concern over the expenditure figures and stressed upon the need of better municipal services. They further stressed upon the Municipal Administrator to improve the efficiency of Municipal Corporation.

Chohan said that Hyderabad is second largest city of Sindh, while business community is paying heavy taxes, so business community had appealed to Caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan and Caretaker Chief Minister Sindh to provide 50% more funds from Federal Government OZT to get better municipal services for the citizens of Hyderabad.