Call to enhance ties between Pak, Chinese universities

May 21, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Student exchanges, joint research ventures on multidisciplinary topics will prove to be extremely useful for providing ideas and necessary intellectual content for exploring new horizons of bilateral friendly ties. Establishment of Confucius Institute of Chinese Language at University of Karachi is one of those needed ventures of the time”, these views were expressed by Vice Chancellor KU Prof Dr Muhammad Qaiser and President of Sichuan University China Zhou Jimeng during their address to the signing ceremony of the implementation plan of Confucius institute of Chinese language at the University of Karachi.

Provincial minister for religious affairs Sardar Yaseen Malik was of the view that the establishment of this institute is the beginning of new academic ventures between both the countries. It is very likely that the Chinese language institute will transform into a University for Chinese linguistic and Cultural studies. It needs to be accentuated that a memorandum of understanding had already been signed between University of Karachi and Sichuan Normal University in China last year when Dr. Qaiser visited China.

As per the MoU, the University will set up a Confucius institute for Chinese language and disseminate the knowledge of this language among its students. This MoU is an extension of the agreement between the governments of Pakistan and China according to which, Pakistan will make arrangements for the teaching of Chinese language at Primary to Higher Secondary level of education in the country.

It is important to note that Sichuan Normal University will award the Masters degree of Chinese language, after the completion of a two year program at its campus. However, those who have attended a language course will be able to attend a one year advanced course from Sichuan Normal University China free of cost.

In this regard, the Chinese government will also grant scholarships to interested students. It needs to be accentuated that the teaching at the Confucius Institute of Chinese Language will be delivered by the native Chinese speakers. Dr. Sajjad from Bio Chemistry will coordinate the venture. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Qaiser informed that our students are eager to learn Chinese language.

Their enthusiasm is driven by the growing significance of this language worldwide because all of us are aware that China is the second super power of the world. There are 285 Confucius institutes all over the world; the present is the second in Pakistan. The delegation from Sichuan University included Yang Yingya, Zhang Cha, Zhang Haidong and Mr. Gong Rijen. Registrar – University of Karachi – Prof Dr Mansoor Ahmed, Prof Dr Abuzar Wajidi, Prof Dr Ghazala Rizwani, Prof Dr Shakeel Auj, Prof Dr Sohail Barkati and Prof Dr Anser Rizvi also attended the program.