Call to protect Pak industries from low quality imports

August 28, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Zafar Jalil Mastikhel, Acting President of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry FPCCI has laid stress on protecting Pakistan’s vulnerable industries from the onslaught of cheap and low quality imports through the cautious use of antidumping duties.

He said this while chairing a seminar on Trade Defense Laws which was held by the National Tariff Commission in partnership with FPCCI and USAID at the FPCCI premises. While welcoming the NTC speakers at the seminar, the Acting President-FPCCI pointed out that Pakistan needed to pursue trade liberalization measures With neighbouring countries while ensuring measures were in place to safeguard weak sectors in order to prevent mass-scale unemployment.

He said FPCCI had always supported the trade liberalization process in South Asia, and would continue to do so, but care must be taken to address the reservations of the business community in this respect.

The NTC team informed the participants that WTO rules provide protection to domestic industry against unfair practices, such as dumping and subsidies. Under Pakistan’s trade defence laws, NTC is empowered to impose antidumping or countervailing duties, if it is established that the dumped or subsidized imports have caused material injury to the domestic industry producing a similar product in Pakistan. NTC also assists Pakistani exporters facing dumping allegations by defending their cases before the investigating authorities of the relevant countries.

The seminar was very interactive, and several technical questions were raised during the course of the presentation about various matters. The NTC team answered all questions diligently and encouraged the businessmen to approach NTC in case any further clarification was required.