Call to remove people’s concerns while designing LG law

August 6, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Sindh’s legislators and civil society representatives on Monday evening proposed the provincial government to remove the concerns of the people while designing local government law. They were speaking at a ‘Civil Society Consultation on New Local Government Law in Sindh’ organised by Strengthening Participatory Organisation (SPO) at a local hotel.

PML-N MPA Haji Shafi Mohammed Jamot, PPP leader Taj Hyder, Rahat Saeed of Anjuman Tarraqi Passand Musanfeen, Javed Jabbar ex Federal Minister and a member SPO Board of Directors, renowned poet and writer Fahmeeda Riaz, Abrar Qzi of Awami Jamhoori Party (AJP), Naseer Memon, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SPO, Abdul Khaliq Junejo, President Jeay Sindh Mahaz, PML-F MPA Mahtab Akbar Rashdi, Zulfiqar Halepoto and others spoke.

Sindh Minister Dr Sikandar Mandhro, member of government’s committee on Local Bodies Law giving updates said it is difficult for the Sindh government to make law before 15th August and hold elections in September. He expressed optimism that the committee would receive recommendations from the different stakeholders including civil society so they may design the law as per the needs of the people and remove concerns of the people of Sindh.
Dr Mandhro said in the proposed local government law, the district governments will get direct funds, with separate accounts, which will be responsible to release funds for union councils coming under their jurisdictions. Women will have 33 percent seats, while farmers and labourers will get 5 percent and minority 5 percent, who will be elected directly. He said new law will be Sindh LB bill 2013, which should give a message positively.

Naseer Memon, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) SPO said the LG system is the basic tier of the democracy. Common citizens expect relief and service delivery which the LB system fulfils.

Zulfiqar Halepoto said: “We need the system which may build bridge between rural and urban populations in Sindh. We should design comprehensive recommendations and the government should listen to criticism broadmindedly”.

Zubeda Birwani said there were 18 towns in Karachi introduced by Mushharraf government, which always failed to address the grievances of the people of suburbs. Resources distributions were not equitable. However, the people of city suburbs want to see real change and only making LB law may not address the issues. It needs proper implementation.