Call to vote camp symbol in polls

April 22, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari, secretary general, Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen MWM, has said that MWM is a mainstream party that was formed to defend the rights of oppressed people of Pakistan.

“We belong to a sect but it doesn’t mean that we are sectarian people. We reject sectarianism,” he asserted while speaking at Labbaik Ya Hussain AS Conference held at Nishtar Park late on Sunday night.

Thousands of people attended the conference that was a sort of election campaign related public meeting. The crowd kept raising slogans of Labbaik Ya Hussain AS throughout the speeches. Allama Jafari alleged that US and its allied some Arab countries are hijacking Pakistani elections.

He said: “Shias live in all over the world. MWM supports those parties which are against terrorism and fanaticism,” He urged people to vote for MWM candidates in the elections because MWM would resolve their problems.

“An axis of 4 countries is meddling into Pakistan’s internal affairs for their vested interests. We shall defeat them.” Allama Jafari said that MWM would use power of people, ballot and its manifesto to bring about a positive change in Pakistan.

The MWM leader appealed to people to vote for camp, the electoral symbol of MWM, as saying that it is the symbol of Imam Hussain AS and his followers throughout the Islamic history.