Candidate’s nomination papers scrutiny continued

April 2, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Chakwal: The scrutiny of the nomination papers of the candidates continued on Tuesday for second day at the court of returning officer Chakwal Ch. Anwar Ahmed Khan.

The nomination papers of Fakhar Mehmood Mirza candidate of All Pakistan Muslim League for NA 60, Khalid Mehmood Malik of APML for PP 20 were accepted.

Chairman Chakwal Press Club Khawaja Baber Saleem Mehmood filed objections on the papers of candidate of PMLN NA 60 for Ayaz Amir.

The petitioner contended that Ayaz Amir was not a through gentle man candidate as prescribed in the book let of election commission of Pakistan.

Ayaz Amir three articles were made base for the rejection of his nomination papers. In these three columns that were attached with the written objection, Ayaz Amir wrote against the Nazriya-e-Pakistan.

It was prayed that according to the constitution of clauses 62 and 63 his nomination papers must be rejected. Returning officer Ch. Anwar Ahmed Khan fixed the hearing date for these objections on 3rd April.