Chinese company expresses willingness to invest in AJK hydel sector

A Chinese company has expressed its willingness to invest in hydel sector in Azad Kashmir.

A delegation of the company expressed the desire in a meeting with Azad Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan in Islamabad on Wednesday.

It was informed on the occasion that the company is already working on a number of projects in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with specialty in construction of small dams and turbines.

The company also expressed the desire to work with Azad Kashmir government for up-gradation of the existing hydel power projects and their maintenance.

Sardar Masood Khan welcomed the offer by the company, saying huge potential in hydel sector exists in Azad Kashmir.

He informed the delegation that 2400 MW electricity would be generated by the end of this year while expected total target is 8800 MW.

Source: Radio Pakistan