Chinese company vows to complete new power plant soon

November 11, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Almost all material of under-construction 425 MW combined cycle power plant project Nandipur, which was delayed at Karachi Port since 2010 during last PPP government, has now been shifted to the project site in Gujranwala so as to complete the power plant very soon in order to overcome power crisis hitting industrial and social sector hard.

Dong Fang Electric Corporation Limited of China, a reputable group in the world, has vowed to complete the project in shortest time. It is working on the project with fast pace. The project is of great importance and it could enhance country export and reduce power demand by two hours during 24 hours on daily basis.

With the efforts of Managing Director, Project Monitoring Unit of Nandipur power plant, Captain (R) M Mehmood and interest of PML-N government to overcome power crisis in the country, Chinese company has promised to complete one unit of the power plant by end of May 2014.

However, whole power plant is likely to be completed in November 2014 ahead of its schedule time of December 2014. The credit of swift work on project goes to MD M Mehmood and his committed team who took the project seriously, while the PML-N government has been pursuing the project for its completion within shortest time so that power could be added to national grid.

The PML-N government under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif is paying full priority to power sector and is making huge investment in order to pull country out of electricity shortfall. The government has made hectic efforts to remove all hurdles in the execution of the project. The project will cost $329 million and will produce 425 megawatts electricity.

Work is being carried out round the clock on Nandipur power project. A request has been made to the engineers of Chinese company working on the project to complete it at the earliest.

It is pertinent to mention here that due to the undue delay by the PPP government, the Chinese experts had returned to their country. However, they had now arrived at the project site and started working.

Nandipur power project is combined cycle project and is consist of four turbines. Among four turbines of the project, three turbines run on furnace oil while one is steam turbine. The plant would generate 425 electricity to meet the power demands.

It will create 400 new jobs for Sindh and three other provinces of the country besides benefitting Karachi. The project is located on the left bank of Upper Chenab Canal in Nandipur, Gujranwala. It will bolster industrial production and bring a new era of development in the country.