Cleanliness drive reviewed

August 29, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Karachi Metropolitan Commissioner KMC Administrator Saqib Soomro has directed Municipal Services Department to carry on spray works along with cleanliness in the city. Spray should be performed especially on lower areas, around drains and garbage sites for removal of bees, mosquitoes and other germs so that citizens could be prevented from germs and several diseases.

He said this while reviewing cleanliness works with the officers of Municipal Services Department in the city where he was accompanied by Sr. Director Municipal Services Masood Alam and other officers.

Administrator Karachi said that collection of garbage on any location could cause existence of bees, mosquitoes and other germs therefore Municipal Services Department with the collaboration of DMCs should prepare comprehensive strategy to lift garbage and shift this to the landfill sites and perform spray immediately.

He said that special attention should be paid to the locations where complaints of accumulation of rainwater were reported in past. Spray should also be performed in narrow streets and corridors with the help of hand machines.

Administrator Karachi said that proper spray was essential to prevent citizens from malaria, dengue fever and Naegleria.

He said spray ensures elimination of bees, mosquitoes and every type of germ in the air and negligence or carelessness in spray works could cause serious problems therefore Municipal Services staff should perform their responsibilities with dedication and make spray successful.

He said that DMCs should also ensure fumigation along with cleanliness in all areas of their jurisdiction and all available resources should be utilized in this regard.

Administrator Karachi directed to continue spray process till the end of monsoon season and expedite spray works in case of rains so that citizens could be provided with clean and fresh environment.