CM Oath taking Ceremony

May 5, 2013 Off By Web Desk

QUETTA: Balochistan Caretaker Chief Minister Nawab Ghaus Bakhsh Barozai has said in the presence of powerful judiciary, independent Election Commission and Media there are very low chances of rigging during elections. Role of Caretaker government is of only a referee. To bring or to discard it not our work but of the people.

It is fact situation in Pakistan including Balochistan are not good. There prevails fear and worries. We are trying to end this. Media can minimize fear and worries owing to its positive role.

He was addressing oath taking ceremony of newly elected body of Quetta Press Club here Sunday.

Secretary Information Abdul Saboor Kakar, Director General Public Relations Government of Balochistan Kamran Asad, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Sarwar Javaid and others attended.

He said those involved in corruption level charges of rigging on the others. This has become part of our society. Democracy is the only way through which power can be achieved by vote.

He aid journalists have key role in society. It is media which create negative and positive impacts on the society. It solely depends upon the journalists on which way they want to run the society.

He said that he holds green and yellow cards while people have red card. Using this card they can send any one they like to Parliament. General elections will be held independent and fair. There is no question of rigging. He aid Press is so independent today it can make a lion as a cast and a cast as a lion. It is fact so many facilities are now available.

There exists strong judicial system. Election Commissioner though too old yet has massive powers. No one should doubt in it there will be rigging of polls.

Chief Minister said print and electronic media is independent. He said don’t mind you people are cruel and suppressed at same time. Some blood pressure goes up by viewing programme at one channel while it normalizes by viewing programme on the other channel.

He said he has personal relations with journalists in Balochistan. Whatever he was doing for the province as caretaker Chief Minister History will disclose it. He said there should not be capture of land and areas. If patient is treated well he recovers earlier.

He aid politicians should play their role correctly. We would do whatever we can do for journalists and people.

Referring to address of welcome presented by President Quetta Press Club Razaur Rehman, Chief Minister assured he would do his best to fulfil demands made therein. He announced five computers and a generator for the Press Club.

In his address of welcome President Quetta Press Club Razaur Rehman said that despite all difficulties journalists in Balochistan are keeping flag of truth high. Sacrifices of journalists in Balochistan for democracy are not hidden to any one

He aid journalists are faced with multifarious difficulties and salaries they receive from their respective organizations do not meet their daily requirements.