Code of conduct to control dengue fever soon

November 12, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Dr M Shakeel Aamir Mullick Focal Person for Dengue Surveillance Cell Sindh on Tuesday said that code of conduct to control dengue viral fever would soon be enforced in Sindh province.

He informed while addressing a workshop on “Dengue Clinical Case Management and Diagnosis”, jointly organized by Health Department, Government of Sindh and Dengue Surveillance Cell Sindh at OT  Complex Civil Hospital Karachi. Dr Syed Faisal Mehmood, Prof Dr Noor, Dr Shehla, Dr Naseem Sheikh and Dr Erum were also percent.

Dr Mullick said despite continuous warnings or instructions issued by health department and dengue surveillance cell on different platforms, the citizens did not pay heed, therefore, the disease had spread in the metropolis. He said most of dengue fever patients had become victim of dengue mosquito at home and locality by not following the instruction of health department.

He said government would take action against house inmates, tyre shops owners, hotels and parks providing swimming pools facilities for not implementing government instructions after enforcement of code of conduct in province. He informed that a summary of code of conduct regulation had been sent to law department for approval and it would soon be implemented in Sindh to control dengue disease.

He claimed that government authorities were striving hard to control the dengue disease, but people were not fully cooperating with it and were ignoring the necessary warnings issued by Health Department. He stressed the importance of awareness and prevention to control further spread of dengue mosquitoes and larva.

He urged the citizens to maintain their homes, locality and workplace and keep them clean in order to save from themselves from dengue viral disease as per the instauration of experts. Water should not be allowed to stand anywhere in home or workplace, he said. Mullick said that control of dengue is not possible without community support.

Assistant Professor at Adult Infectious Diseases Department, Aga Khan University Hospital, Dr Syed Faisal Mehmood said presence of dengue virus in region was main factor behind the prevalence of dengue disease in Pakistan. He said earlier a large of dengue fever cases were reported in 2006 and afterwards dengue fever again visited city in 2013 with double in numbers.

He said increasing population was also another important factor of dengue fever prevalence in big cities like Karachi and Lahore. He stressed the importance for taking proper awareness and precautionary measures to prevent people from dengue fever.