Computerization of arms licenses torment people

December 30, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Computerization of arm licenses process is tormenting as citizens have to stand in long queues for hours to receive and submit forms for Computerizing their manual weapon licenses. It is tormenting to fill in a complicated form and get it signed by a 17th grade government officer.

As Sindh government has extended last date of submitting forms till 31th January 2014, a large number of people was seen standing in long queues in Deputy Commissioners (DCs) offices, where National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has established its counters for the licenses computerization.

During the lengthy process first of all one needs to get check their license at DC offices as NADRA is not issuing the form without approval of DC office. This process takes whole day as people have to stand in lines for hours and wait for turn.

When first phase of receiving form completes, another tiring phase starts which is to get photocopies of the license and CNIC attested by any 17th grade government officer. Filling in the complicated form and submitting of Rs 1000 fee at Omni Shop is also parts of this phase.

In the last phase before submitting the form, its verification from DC office is also required and for this one also has to wait in the long queue for hours. If any person is lucky and there is no objection on the form, he/she is allowed to go and submit the form for he or she have to stand in long queues.

If someone cannot endure this tiring process and seeks for a shortcut, he should simply get the services of agents who are active in DC offices.

Most of agents are employees of the same DC office and also have political affiliation. They provide the service at a cost of Rs1500 to 3000. They take a person to a side and offer their services.

While stand in a long queue to get verified his form in DC office of newly established District Korongi, Muhammad Rafiq said that it took him two weeks to get a 17th grade officer for attesting his form as most of such officers were denying to do so. “They have displayed notice outside their offices as saying sorry for attesting arms licenses, “he added.

Another applicant, Raza Shah, said that he had made a friend to fill in his form but unfortunately he made a mistake in writing CNIC number and when he went to Omni Shop for submitting fee, the shop owner also wrote the same wrong number on the receipt while the NADRA officers rejected it. “I had to get a new token and faced a loss of Rs 1000 as under NADRA Policy, the previous paying amount is not refundable.”

People have demanded of the government to make the process easy and open more NADA counters for the purpose as one counter for one district is not enough.